Tortas de Aceite (Olive Oil flat cakes)

Serves 2 people:
134 gr. All-purpose wheat flour
56 gr. Oliflix Extra Virgin Olive Oil
50 ml. Water
10 ml. Anise spirit like Pernod.
8 gr. White sugar
3 gr. Dried yeast
2 gr. Aniseed
1.4 gr. Sesame seed
0.6 gr. Salt
White granulated sugar

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-Activate the yeast in the water by mixing them. Let the mix rest for 5 minutes.
-Mix together the flour, Oliflix extra virgin olive oil, water and yeast preparation, anise spirit, sugar, aniseed, sesame seed and salt.
-Knead the dough for around 10 minutes on low speed or until you achieve medium gluten development.
-Cover the dough and let it ferment for 1 hour.
-Once it has fermented divide it into small balls.
-One at a time, take each ball and put it on the palm of your hand, press it with the other hand and extend it until you achieve a thickness of 3-4 mm. Because it is done by hand, some areas will be thinner than others, but this is what you want to achieve. Do not use a rolling pin to extend the dough or you will leave all the oil to escape from the dough.
-You can then transfer it to an oven pan lined with some greaseproof paper and sprinkle enough granulated sugar on top.
-Cook in a 210C oven for about 10 minutes or until you get some caramelization of the sugar in the thinnest part of the cakes.
-Let it cool on a rack.

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